Bey & Jay Are Doing the Therapy Thing

The couple who goes to therapy together stays together? Beyoncé and Jay Z are currently receiving marriage counseling while on tour, according to reports. The pair, who are on the road with their On the Run tour right now, are apparently receiving weekly therapy sessions online with the trusty therapist they've been going to for years. But before you reach for the nearest paper bag to breath into, know that the therapy is supposedly more for "maintenance rather than trying to fix anything hugely wrong." In other words, despite the awful cheating rumors, all is well in their sexy, sweaty world; they're just making sure their relationship doesn't get put on the back burner. Think of them as more preventative than solution folk.

It's certainly admirable that America's favorite couple is making an effort to either strengthen or save their relationship via professional help, but it is worth noting that, unfortunately, therapy doesn't always work. (I know.) Longtime friends of the Carter-Knowles's Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow also received counseling before their separation, but evidently not even a PhD could prevent the duo from their conscious uncoupling. Some things just aren't meant to be. But hey, look at how well Paltrow and Martin still get along. Therapy clearly didn't hurt them.

The good news is, if Beyoncé and Jay Z do, in fact, decide to end their blessed union, both we and they can rest easy knowing that they gave it their all. To manage to fit relationship therapy in when you're on tour is pretty damn impressive, and shows that they're committed to trying to make things work — er, keep things working.

But let's just hope they're not using Chris and Gwyneth's therapist.