Will Yahoo Rescue 'Enslisted' Like 'Community'? They're Definitely Thinking About It

Praise be to Yahoo? It would seem the launch of Yahoo's online video push is being accompanied with a new knight in shining armor image for the company: After offering Community fans the actual chance at six seasons and a movie, Yahoo might be trying to rescue Enlisted from cancellation as well. Be careful about your tweets, people, apparently being publicly forlorn about your shows being axed can actually get shit done these days.

The situation between Yahoo and Enlisted is still "in talks" according to Deadline, so the show's not exactly guaranteed to be back yet. Still, aside from that Happy Endings /USA incident from a few years back — you can't just dangle Happy Endings in front of us and then not bring it back, USA — it can be comforting even to know that someone sees the value in that underrated show that got cut too early.

I gotta be honest: I didn't expect even this much activity from Enlisted post-cancellation. It was a great, underappreciated show, and the critics and TV fans on twitter (myself included) sure were heartbroken when Fox killed it — but, like we said, we've been wounded before, and Happy Endings still shows no signs of revival.

Still, we should have all learned by now: TV these days is kind of like what Billy Crystal says in The Princess Bride — it doesn't have to be all dead, it can just be mostly dead.

Images: Fox; no2minutewarning