Chris Soules Is Eliminated On 'The Bachelorette' Because His Date With Andi Was So Uncomfortable

This girl has a problem with stringing dudes along. Bachelorette Andi Dorfman and Chris Soules probably shouldn't have made it to the final stages of the series. During their date in the Dominican Republic, Andi finally came to terms with the fact that moving to Iowa and becoming a homemaker for Chris goes against every fiber of her being. But it's also Chris' words that truly get to her: He says "I am in love with you." She starts crying and says she can't say those words back. And just like that: we're at a commercial break.

Yeah, Chris is going home.

And sure, I could go on about how Andi acted like their relationship was the real deal, but that's kind of the conceit of the show. It's just unfortunate that Chris couldn't see the sort of chemistry she had with everyone else on the show — even the lamp that one dude brought out of the limo seemed to elicit more of a reaction from Andi than Chris has been able to.

This, of course, destroys Andi because she can't bear to eliminate anyone, but at least she came clean. She says that she can't blame the impending breakup on Iowa curtailing her lawyerly dreams. She just isn't in love with Chris and she doesn't think it's fair to keep Chris around and hanging out in the Fantasy Suite if she knows right now that her feelings are greater for the other two guys. It's something that would have really helped a few past contestants who later fire back things like "That's not what you said in the Fantasy Suite!" at their respective Bachelors and Bachelorettes when they get to the penultimate rose ceremony.

And while their entire date was wildly uncomfortable, in the end, Chris wound up showing just how sweet of a guy he is. He said he respected Andi for being honest and actually ended up comforting her when the breakup broke her down. Somehow, the seemingly most boring guy left in the competition with the most boring date of the episode wound up finishing up the episode smelling like a rose. Well, a rose and completely devastating heartbreak.

Image: ABC