'Bachelorette' Suitor Chris Soules' Hometown Date Has Us Worried — Will He Make Andi a Housewife?

With hometown dates coming up, all questions that need to be asked are going to rear their ugly heads, and I’m calling it now: the majority of the questions Bachelorette Andi will be asking Chris Soules’ family will be about farm living. Think about it: Here is a girl from Atlanta who works as a district attorney. What about that description sounds relatable to a small town of no more than 800 people? It doesn't sound like a match made in heaven to me. Sure, the serenity and simple atmosphere will take Andi’s breath away, it probably would anyone who just spent the last month traveling around the world and dating 25 men at the same time, but after she gets over the initial moments of being in the beautiful countryside of Arlington, Iowa, what can the town (and Chris) really do for Andi?

I hope Andi treats this as a very important visit, possibly more important than any of the other hometowns. As a woman who worked hard for where she is in her career, she should not be so quick to say "ees okay" to any issues her and Chris might have regarding future living situations. From the preview, it seems as if Chris doesn’t see any issue and that he thinks Andi would make a wonderful homemaker. Here’s to hoping Andi doesn’t back down from her career so quickly (even if Andi does seem to be jobless at the moment).

What would Andi do for work in Arlington, Iowa?

This question should definitely come up; as we saw in the preview, Andi asks Chris what she would do for work and he says that she could be a homemaker. Wait, what? I am going to chalk this one up to editing and assume (or hope) that Chris didn't suggest that Andi abandons her career goals, but we'll see. This is a very make-or-break question, and I truly hope that Andi asks his parents this question too, because if this is something she is genuinely concerned about, the more input she gets, the more resolved her decisions will feel in the end. And this probably isn't going to cut it in lieu of tracking down the bad guys:

Do Chris' parents see him spending all of his time in the countryside?

Chris is a full-on farmer. He isn't one of those guys who says he is a farmer, but really spends most of his time in the glam metropolitan city just a few miles away. No, this guy is as farm-ready as they come. If these two were to end up together, it's pretty obvious Chris won't be ready to abandon his family business, meaning Andi would move to Iowa. If Andi is going to give a little, what do Chris' parents see him giving up? Would he be willing to walk away for a few weeks at a time to visit Atlanta, or other cities that might draw the two of them there?

Are his bad boy days over?

Little ole Chris isn't as innocent as he may seem. Turns out Chris has quite extensive records proving him to be a little bit of a bad boy. Chris has 13 guilty charges for things like DUIs, driving with an open container, and speeding — something he definitely hasn't mentioned to Andi thus far on the show. And we're kind of getting to the bewitching hour, so secrets be damned, show us what you got, Chris. It appears that Chris is past his DUI days and has moved on to become the responsible farmer he is today, but does anyone else find it weird he hasn't told us — er, I mean Andi — yet?

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