'Teen Wolf' The Mute Is Back & More Mysterious Than Ever, But Will We Ever Learn the Truth?

He's back! The creepy mouthless man, only known as The Mute at the moment, made a dramatic return at the beginning of Monday night's Teen Wolf episode "The Benefactor," and we finally got our answer about why he's trying to kill our favorite supernatural citizens of Beacon Hills: The Mute is a hired assassin, not The Benefactor. So what the hell is he? And why is he working for the Benefactor?

Literally all we know for sure about the ridiculously scary Mute, thanks to detective skills from Sheriff Stilinski and Deputy Parrish, is that he's a hit man for hire by said Benefactor, but instead of using a gun to kill people or whatever power he should have in place of a mouth, he uses a tomahawk. That's in fact the weapon he used to not only kill the Wendigo's family, but also how he attempted to kill Derek's uncle Peter. And not just any kind of tomahawk. According to Parrish, who used to be in the military and might just be my new favorite human character on the show, it's a government issued tomahawk that has been upgraded.

Plus there's that whole ability to upload code into a computer server via his blood. Yes, that's right. His blood. I don't get it either. So what are we supposed to glean from this information? Is The Mute ex-military who somehow turned supernatural himself which caused him to lose his mouth?

Perhaps he is not just a hired assassin who receives a hit list and carries out his duties without complaints. Maybe he works directly with the Benefactor in whatever the big bad has in store for Beacon Hills' supernatural creatures. Or he could've been hired for his ability to get the job done, no questions asked (literally), and because he can secretly transmit information about the supernatural hit list to other evil doers in the town filled with creatures.

By the end of the episode, Peter attacked the Mute and ripped his code-filled blood out of his body, so we may never know what he truly is. Or maybe he'll just appear again, completely healed and still attempting to kill off anything as supernatural as himself. One never knows with a confusing and yet completely intriguing show like Teen Wolf.

Images: MTV; pqrrish/Tumblr