The Mute on 'Teen Wolf' Could Be The Benefactor Or Just A Mouthless Murderer, But Either Way He's Terrifying

As an avid Teen Wolf from day one, I've gotten used to the strange creatures and crazy dilemmas the Beacon Hills Wolf Pack has dealt with for over three seasons. But the opening to Monday night's Teen Wolf episode "Muted" was one of the scariest and most confusing moments in the show's history, thanks to the introduction of the its most frightening villain to date: The Mute. The episode opened with a teenager, Sean, going to sleep after a fruitless search for his cat. The kid makes his way up to his room and finds his pet under the bed covered in blood. He hears screams coming from the next room, presumably from his mother being murdered, and takes off running down the house into the bathroom.

Instead of chasing after him and banging down the door, The Mute takes the creepier approach by turning on a recording that tells Sean he killed his family and that he would kill him too. The recording also says that he'll give Shawn a chance to defend himself, but before the baddie can get into the bathroom, Sean has broken through the bathroom window and escaped down the street and made his way to the hospital. So who the hell is The Mute? Could he be Season 4's big baddie The Benefactor that we've heard so much about?

The only information we're given about this horrifying new mouthless creature is that he does not speak the entire episode and that he is determined to kill Sean. But the cast and creator of Teen Wolf have given us a little more information about the mouthless man which leads us to believe that he's the infamous Benefactor. JR Bourne, who plays hunter Chris Argent and father to the late Allison, talked about Chris' storyline involving the Benefactor and the actor seemed to go along with the idea that the Benefactor was the creepy mouthless man.

If The Mute is in fact The Benefactor, then there's definitely reason to be worried. According to Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis, The Benefactor is a powerful new threat to Scott and his Wolf Pack as he is carrying a hit list of supernatural names, possibly coded in his blood creepily enough, and one of those names will almost definitely include Scott himself. Throw in Kate Argent who may or may not be involved with The Benefactor, the scary Berserkers, whatever the hell is going on with Derek and the supernatural hunters from Mexico that plagued Scott's Wolf Pack in the Season 4 premiere, and this season looks to be the craziest yet. Just goes to show that as soon as Teen Wolf starts to get easier to follow, they take a sledgehammer to the series and destroy everything you thought you knew about the supernatural world of Beacon Hills. Touche Teen Wolf, touche.

Images: MTV, Tumblr