What to Wear to Diagon Alley

by Rosie Narasaki

Diagon Alley opened at Universal Studios earlier this month, and I think it's officially time to get ready to visit. You wouldn't go to Disneyland without your mouse ears, would you? (Heck, advanced fans won't even be seen without their DisneyBounded outfits!) Well, I think we should all treat The Wizarding World of Harry Potter with a similar reverence; surely Harry rates as highly as Mickey Mouse! So, with that in mind, let's all make our trek to Orlando armed with a veritable arsenal of Harry Potter gear — because I'm willing to bet that Butterbeer soft serve ice cream tastes better when you're wearing a Luna Lovegood-inspired Butterbeer cork necklace.

Sure, you'll be able to pick up Harry Potter merch galore once you're there — I for one, plan on getting a wand at Ollivanders (I'm thinking either unicorn tail or phoenix feather) and a giant pygmy puff (even though that seems like kind of an oxymoron). But even with all the expensive shopping I plan to do, I want to be truly ready for my trip, which means scouring the interwebs for Deathly Hallows jewelry and a time turner of my very own. And because one of my personal missions in life is to propogate the Harry Potter fandom, I'm going to share with you all the fruits of my World Wide Web-wide search:

1. Black Milk Clothing

Deathly Hallows Bomber, $40, Black Milk Clothing

Black Milk Clothing, the brand famous for "sexifying all things gloriously geeky" has set its sights on Harry Potter (for a second time — their first line featured a mini-dress emblazoned with an image of Alan Rickman as Snape so...). Their 2.0 collection features a lot of very cool items (such as a Hogwarts letterman jacket and Daily Prophet-printed leggings), but I like this Deathly Hallows bomber best.

2. TeeFury

Harry Potter Tee, $18, TeeFury is another great place to look — if you happen to check on the right day, this flash sale site might just have a Harry Potter T for a cool $11. If not, there's always the whole gallery to choose from for the still-reasonable $18.

And hey, even if you don't find any Harry Potter-themed shirts to your liking, there are tons of other cool crossover designs (think Pulp Fiction x Doctor Who, Miyazaki x Adventure Time, and/or Game of Thrones x The Whedonverse).

3. Forever 21

Gryffindor Sweatshirt, $19, Forever 21

From time to time, you'll be able to find Harry Potter graphic tees and sweatshirts at every teen girl's favorite fast fashion outlet, Forever 21. Right now, they have a pretty adorable Gryffindor sweatshirt that even Hufflepuffs like myself can get behind.

4. New Look

Hogwarts Tee, $20, New Look

I suppose it makes sense that British brand New Look would have a good Hogwarts T-shirt. There are many variations when it comes to the infamous Hogwarts crest, but this one has a classic look to it. Besides, it looks especially majestic against a slate gray background.

5. ModCloth

Owl-Printed Dress, $62, Modcloth

If you want to pay homage to the ever-heroic Hedwig in your personal style, ModCloth might just be your one-stop shop: They boast literally hundreds of owl-themed items. You can decorate your apartment with owl string lights, dress up your feet with owl socks, cook in an owl apron — but my personal favorite is this owl-printed dress.

6. WB Shop

Snitch Necklace, $149, WB Shop

The WB's shop may even be worth checking out — because if there's one thing a Harry Potter fan absolutely needs, it's a snitch necklace. You can even whisper "I open at the close" to it as you walk to your sure death to see if any Resurrection Stones happen to fall out of it!

7. Etsy

Deathly Hallows Leather Earrings, $18, Etsy

There's also always Etsy for all your Harry Potter-related needs. You can find anything — and I mean anything — on the site, and these Deathly Hallows leather earrings by aspiecraft are especially cool.

8. Hot Topic

Time Turner Earrings, $17, Hot Topic

Okay, okay, I know Hot Topic is passé now (and has been for years), but these Time Turner earrings are fabulous, right? Very Hermione (and Luna Lovegood) approved! You'll also find everything from Gryffindor onesies to Deathly Hallows muscle tanks there.

9. Dogeared

Dogeared Lightning Necklace, $48, Dogeared

If in-your-face memorabilia isn't quite your thing, subtle Harry Potter inspired accents might be more your speed. Case in point: this delightful Dogeared lightning necklace.