Car Bomb Goes Off In Syrian Suburb, Killing 18

A massive car bomb went off in a politicized suburb of Damascus Tuesday, killing 18 people and injuring 56.

Details are thin on the ground at this point, but Syrian news agency SANA reports that the bomb went off in the suburb of Jaramana. The town of Jaramana may have been targeted due to its overwhelming political affiliation with the authoritarian regime. Syrian rebels have been known to plan attacks in areas frequented by government authorities and their supporters, but no group has yet claimed responsibility.

Rebels have also reportedly taken over a massive government air base in northern Syria, where they were held back by administrative troops for nearly a year. The group has apparently begun controlling operations from the base, taking soldiers there prisoner, and seizing an array of weapons.

Syria's government and rebel groups have been in conflict for more than two years now. After much debate, the U.S. has agreed to provide military support — both weapons and other forces, if necessary — to the rebel group fighting the administration.

More than 100,000 people have been killed in the region since the fighting begun, and millions of Syrians have been forced to escape to neighboring countries.