Her Nightmare Was Worse Than We Thought

Just when you thought it couldn't get worse, it does. When Sandra Bullock's home was broken into, the fact that she was present in the home when a man later revealed to be a stalker in possession of a machine gun — though, thankfully, not at the time of the burglary — broke in seemed like enough of a nightmare already. Seriously, just the idea is enough to give you such creeps that you have to wonder how Bullock is actually living through it. However, more details have come to light that turn this nightmare from scary to traumatic. According to TMZ, Bullock came face-to-face with her stalker right outside her bedroom, which is how she even found out he was in her house.

Apparently, it really wasn't enough for someone to actually break into Bullock's home while she was present. They had to act out a scene from any horror movie in the process. According to the search warrant obtained by TMZ, Bullock heard loud banging in the house around 1 a.m. and went to her bedroom door to lock it when she saw her stalker, Joshua Corbett, standing in the hallway in dark clothes.

Freaky. Corbett already explained that he only wanted to meet Bullock by breaking into her house, but who knew he'd actually gotten his wish? And how on earth was he surprised when Bullock slammed the door shut, locked it, and called the cops? Say it with me, guys: There is no good reason to break into a stranger's home. There is no good reason to break into a stranger's home. There is no good reason to break into a stranger's home.

Despite how interviews and articles, pictures and tweets might make us feel like we are a lot closer to celebrities than we actually are, the fact of the matter is that they are still complete strangers to us. Just because we know Bullock's height, everything about her career, and what her favorite color is through a quick Google search does not mean that she is your best friend or lover and will appreciate you dropping by her house uninvited in the middle of the night.

Bullock has been fairly quiet in the month since the break-in, and I don't blame her one bit. The more we learn about Bullock's situation with Corbett, the more we wonder how she manages to stay so strong in the face of all of it.

Image: Tumblr (1)