'Vampire Diaries' Season 6 Casts a Militia Man & That's Bad News For The Mystic Falls Gang

Things aren't looking too good for the (former) residents of Mystic Falls. The Vampire Diaries is getting a brand new character, and his presence is hinting at a major power shift. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Eureka star Colin Ferguson has joined Season 6 of The Vampire Diaries as the head of a community militia. According to the site, Ferguson's character Tripp is strong, determined, and willing to do just about anything to "protect his own." THR tells us that Tripp's attitude will pose a challenge for resident lady-in-charge Sheriff Forbes. Sorry, travelers, doppelgangers, and other various supernatural beings — it looks like the major conflict in Season 6 of The Vampire Diaries could be human vs. human.

Tripp's arrival could mean bad news for Elena, Stefan, and the rest of the Mystic Falls gang. In the Season 5 finale, we saw Mystic Falls collapse in on itself, cloaked with the traveler's "anti-magic" spell. We assumed that the vamps would find a new place to settle after their exile, but with Tripp's militia's arrival, that might be more challenging than one might think. While we don't know why Tripp and his militia are around Mystic Falls, we already know that Tripp is going to give Sheriff Forbes a run for her money. That might mean that the people Tripp is fighting off with his militia are none other than Sheriff Forbes' daughter, Caroline, and all of her non-human friends.

It wouldn't be the first time anti-supernaturals joined the cast. Caroline's own father was so anti-vamp that he tied up Caroline and tried to essentially beat the vampirism out of her. (Umm, it's not a choice, Mr. Forbes.) While Jeremy is very Team Vampire (his sister and half of his friends sport fangs) his hunter gene did ignite a real hatred towards Elena once upon a time. Basically, not everyone feels warm and fuzzy when it comes to bloodsuckers, and if this militia isn't fighting for the vampires, then there's a good chance they'll be fighting against them.

Watch your backs, Mystic Falls friends — this militia might be coming to get you.

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