This Shoe Collection is a Cat Lover's Dream

by Erin Mayer

Charlotte Dellal, the mastermind behind madcap accessories brand Charlotte Olympia, gave us a fashion cult classic in the form of suede kitty slippers that charmed the Chanel flats off of us. The shoes were so popular that Dellal decided to capitalize on their success with kitty-themed capsule collection for Charlotte Olympia. To say that I'm in love would be an extreme understatement.

The collection, which launches Tuesday online and in all Charlotte Olympia stores, is called Kitty & Co. and includes eight pairs of flats, each with an original kitty cat design on the toe. A pair of Kitty & Co. flats will run you $595, but I dare you to resist these cute little faces. They are all purrrfect. There's Cheeky Kitty who winks up at you from the floor, Clever Kitty who sports thick-rimmed glasses, Superstar Kitty with stars in her eyes, Pretty Kitty with a tiny bow in her kitty cat hair, Pouty Kitty who has red lips, Love Kitty who's darn struck by love. These are some shoes ripe for the pages of Puss Puss , that cat fashion magazine that launched last month.

Have we reached peak kitty-obsession? Hardly! I'm still waiting for Charlotte Olympia to release a limited edition Grumpy Cat flat. Until then, I'll always have Cheeky and Clever and Pretty. Here are my four favorites from the collection.

1. Cheeky Kitty

Charlotte Olympia Capsule

"Me, claw at your antique living room furniture?! I would never!"

2. Hippy Kitty

Charlotte Olympia Capsule

Ready to hit the scratching post at Woodstock.

3. Clever Kitty

Charlotte Olympia Capsule

She'll do all your homework for you, as long as you slip her some human food at dinnertime.

4. Party Kitty

Charlotte Olympia Capsule

Just trying to keep her away from the catnip (and out of the tabloids) is a full time job.