Hook & Charming Are BFFs Now

Get ready for this, Once Upon A Time fans. While everyone was busy freaking out about OUAT 's casting of Frozen's Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff and subsequently theorizing how Elizabeth Mitchell's casting will work, we forgot about something important. Everyone's favorite OUAT 'ship, Hook and Emma, that finally got together in the Season 3 finale. On Saturday, Prince Charming and Hook hung out — well, I mean, Josh Dallas and Colin O'Donoghue hung out at a soccer game together and that obviously means that we're looking at a Captain Swan proposal in OUAT Season 4.

When we left off in Season 3, Hook and Emma finally got together after taking a trip back in time to protect their friends and family in the future during OUAT's Season 3 finale. (Heavy stuff, I know.) So naturally, the next logical step for this ship — if they manage to stick together and considering they've been through life and death together — is for Hook to ask Charming for his daughter's hand in marriage. (Even though Snow and Charming's courtship was hardly traditional.) Which OUAT fans know he would, especially after how much of a perfect gentleman Hook was guiding Emma through her first royal ball in the finale. So can we start hearing wedding bells for these two, even if Frozen's Elsa is coming to terrorize Storybrooke?

Now, I know that Dallas and O'Donoghue obviously aren't Hook and Charming in real life and they were probably just a couple'o'dudes hanging out and enjoying some pre-World Cup final soccer together. But, they also could've been having a sweet little chat about Emma and Hook being forever and how to woo a kick-ass, independent women into becoming your queen. I mean, these adorable photos kind of hint at that, right?

Charming: "So you're thinking about proposing to my daughter? Haha — good luck."

Hook: "I mean, she's pretty great and everything and I risked my life to find her so..."

Hook: "I was thinking about really going all-out — maybe finding another portal and taking her for a sail."

Charming: "Yeah, you should probably just get her a hot chocolate at Granny's."

Hook: "Hey, thanks, mate. I feel a lot better knowing that I have your blessing."

Charming: "No worries, I just don't want to you get laughed at — I tried a romantic proposal with Snow and she just told me to try again later."


See, I told ya.

Image: ABC