A Necessary Colin Farrell Timeline Leading Up To His Necessary 'True Detective' Role

By now you may know that there's a mighty good chance that Colin Farrell may star in True Detective Season 2. This. Is. Perfect. Not only would this satiate my needs circa 2003, back when my walls were adorned with pictures of his face, but this would be a perfect excuse for a Colinaissance. When you think back to True Detective Season 1, remember how the popular HBO series was part of Matthew McConaughey's much-needed McConnaissance? Colin Farrell has come a long way since his days as the coke-addled heartthrob who graced the covers of many a tabloid, and he deserves an 'aissance all his own. So now, let's revive his career. It's time to bring that chiseled face back to ubiquity.

Because let's face it — if Farrell was on True Detective, we'd get to talk about him all day long, but for highly visible, kickass work, as opposed to chatting about whatever tabloid thing he did 10 years ago. This is what the Farrell fans have been waiting for for years. And not only that, it's like his career has practically lead up to it. In fact, it's pretty obvious that every moment — his missteps included — have been inching towards this moment. The Farrell fans have been emotionally preparing for it, too.

Here's how we've been preparing for this moment for more than a decade.

The Early 2000s — America, Meet Colin

The Irish lad — and cad — came to the forefront of the popular conscience after Joel Schumacher's Tigerland. He had pretty ho-hum movies come out, like Phone Booth. (The best part was when Farrell did a bell-kick in the parking lot. However, he was known for his off-screen actions, which were like candy for the tabloids. Farrell was addicted to drugs and alcohol (he's opened up about it since), and he was often chastised by the media for his hard partying ways.

2005 — Colin Gets Epic

Farrell played the titular character in Alexander, and he also appeared in The New World. "BRING BACK THE EPIC! BRING ON COLIN FARRELL!" I cried.

2006 — Fatherhood Changes Everything

Farrell not only kicked his booze habit in 2006, but, according to The New York Daily News, he also started focusing on fatherhood — and oh yeah, his career. He started nailing some really solid roles.

2008 — In Bruges

Farrell started getting acknowledged for his on-screen work instead of his off-screen not-work. He received his first Golden Globe for his work in the Martin McDonagh film, In Bruges.

Late 2000s — More Roles, Less Headlines

Farrell appeared in a handful of movies, including a number of indie flicks, as well as some high profile movies like Dead Man Down, Horrible Bosses, The Winter's Tale and Saving Mr. Banks. His presence was missing from the headlines, but we were all kinda like, "hey, that's cool, man. You do you and take care of yourself. Is your comeback comin', though?"

The Colinaissance Begins...

LOOK. He's even chilling with Elmo.

With upcoming roles in movies like Miss Julie and At Swim-Two Birds , it seems like Farrell's due for a serious Renaissance. Sooo what's the only missing piece of that puzzle? A role on True Detective, naturally. And now, a humble plea:


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