‘Saved by the Bell’ Star Tweets About Pregnant Celebs’ Treatment in the Media & She Nails It

These days former Saved by the Bell star Elizabeth Berkley usually lays low. She's not known to engage in controversies or petty celebrity feuds, but sometimes even the most even-keeled person just can't keep quiet on a matter that truly irks them to their core. On Tuesday, Berkley spoke out about celeb pregnancy reporting and I am so freakin' glad she did. In response to gossipmonger Perez Hilton's post on Christina Aguilera's "ballooning bump," she made sure he knew that it wasn't cool, even in the slightest, to describe a pregnant woman in that manner. You know, because there's something called respect and common decency.

Berkley, a new mom herself, politely tweeted to Hilton, "Pls honor mamas more by not referring to their bumps as 'ballooning' 'abt to burst'- there is precious life in there." What she said makes complete sense and she was right to defend Aguilera and pregnant women in general. But the actress didn't stop there. She took this as an opportunity to address the general state of affairs when it comes to pregnant women in the media. She wrote a slew of tweets in order to get her point across:

Berkley brings up an important point. These women, who are going through not only a physical but an extremely emotional change, are regarded as spectacles. They're attributed traits of an inanimate object and are looked at like a caged animal in a zoo. Are we really so in awe of the female reproductive cycle as a functioning, logical society in 2014? It'd be one thing if the tabloids and such marveled over the beauty or the struggle of pregnancy as Berkley points out, but it's just another way to degrade and obsess over women's bodies. It's ridiculous and quite frankly, embarrassing, and it needs to change.

Also, can we PLEASE stop treating "pregnant" as a first name? I assure you, pregnancy is only temporary, has nothing to do with the identity of an individual, and it is most definitely not a proper noun. They are not "Pregnant Christina Aguilera" or "Pregnant Mila Kunis" or "Pregnant Rachel Bilson" they are Christina Aguilera, Mila Kunis, and Rachel Bilson who just HAPPEN to be pregnant! Let's grow up, people.