Who Was the Best Dressed in "Run, Ali, Run?"

After last week's explosive (har-har) episode, things are back to normal in the sleepy little town of Rosewood. Normal for Rosewood, that is. Now that 'A' has revealed him/herself once more, we're right back to attempted assassinations in the dark, sneaky detectives, and disturbing text messages (seriously, that video clip of Mrs. DiLaurentis getting buried was pretty darn creepy).

And as for the clothes? Fab as ever. There were some repeat outfits from last week (we picked up right where we left off last time, mid-explosion), but we also got to see some new ones. Unfortunately, "Run, Ali, Run" wasn't quite as stylish as last week's 100th episode bonanza, but there were still quite a few cute outfits — let's take a look:

Ali in pastels

Ali seems to be continuing her Cher Horowitz-like penchant for bright suiting in the locker-lined hallways, a look subject to mixed reviews. The colors and prints are kicky and fun as ever, but there's something about her recent outfits that reads as too old (ironic, as Sasha Pieterse is the youngest cast member). Maybe it's all the pastel blazers (or, it could also be the preternaturally perfect sausage curls) — either way, jury's still out on her personal style.

(Outfit aside, this moment was creepy AF).

Spencer in... a jumper?

Spencer may have taken the prize last week for her awesome trench coat, but I haven't forgiven her for that horrendous (and oddly patriotic) star-spangled raglan sweatshirt/red neckerchief combo — and unfortunately, this week's buff-colored mini jumper and IDGAF-beanie put her at the bottom of the list again.

Also, is it just me or does she look kind of like Cooking Mama?

Hanna in denim

Hanna continued her cool girl streak in a striped graphic T, paired with a strikingly-silhouetted denim jacket, jeans, and her signature new 'do. She is certainly committing to this makeover!

Aria in a maxi skirt

Aria went as rock 'n roll-y as usual in a dusty rose mock-turtleneck crop-top paired with a wide striped belt and a royal blue maxi skirt. It was a lot of look (even for Aria), but she was really working it, obvs.

Cute, but this week's MVP is...


On their own, their looks were somewhat lackluster (Emily wore yet another bomber jacket), but together? They looked completely fab.

Perhaps this is some sort of fashion metaphor for their relationship.

Images: ABC Family; prettylittleliarsquestions, sluttyspencer, lovelyforbes, krisbianessa, narcissamafoy/Tumblr