'Pretty Little Liars' Fashion MVP: Who Was Best Dressed in the 100th Episode?

100 episodes, 10,000 outfits.

Seriously, how many outfits do you think the pretty little liars have worn over the past four plus seasons? I mean, a general episode will feature each girl in at least two or three outfits — but, then sometimes they'll wear the same outfits for episodes at a time (fun fact: the girls could be spotted in the same outfit all the way from "Unbridled" near the end of season 4, all the way up to "Whirly Girl" — they unintentionally packed light for New York). And are we just including the core four, or are we adding other regulars, like Mona (whose nerdy looks are just as awesome as her popular girl duds), Ali, and Paige? Well, any way you cut it, that is a lot of clothes.

Heck, last night's episode had so many costume changes that it probably had 100 outfits all of its own — which makes it quite difficult to choose a favorite. Sure, there were a few duds — I mean, check out the cover image: Spencer's star-spangled sweater/neckerchief combo alone is kind of a crime against humanity, and Emily's hibiscus-printed sports jersey/leather short shorts aren't great either. Also, how many letterman jackets can one girl possibly own? She knows how to rock them, but still!

Whining aside, there really were a lot of great outfits in this episode... for instance, Hanna's new look continued to reign supreme:

Her chance encounter with Caleb was both adorable and fashionable — I love the boho braid crown, mock-turtlenecked mini, and denim jacket. (Also, Drunk Hanna is hilarious).

And Ali's back-to-school outfit?

A Cher Horowitz moment if there ever was one.

Ooh, and her Sandro Paris blouse:

I was just drooling over this exact Jigglypuff-esque print at Bloomingdales last week. (Also, Emison: do you ship it?)

But I think this week's winner has to be Spencer. Her trench coat with the black zipper detailing on the sleeves was the height of chic — plus, it was a PLL noir-nod at its very best.

Adorable, right? And speaking of ships; shippity-do-dah, count the couples in this shot!

Runner up: Lucas. He's like the She's All That of the show.

Oh Lucas, darling — suggestive eyebrow waggles never do well to help one's argument.

Images: ABCFamily; Tumblr