Quiz: Is It Taylor Or Karlie?

Taylor Swift has a lot of celebrity best friends, as you probably know, from Selena Gomez and Katy Perry to Lorde and Lena Dunham. But it seems like her latest best friendship with model extraordinaire Karlie Kloss is the realest of deals. So real, in fact, that they have both kind of morphed into one another. Or at least that's what it looks like. Everyone has acknowledged their physical similarities — leggy dainty-faced ladies with perfectly shaped cat eyes and thin lips. But the days of differentiating the two by their different style and colored coifs are over, now that Swift chopped her locks and Kloss recently dyed her do blonde.

Because it's become even more difficult to differentiate between the two, I decided to present you with this little challenge. It's a game I like to call "Is It Taylor Swift Or Karlie Kloss?" I've gathered a handful of images of the two from their Instagram accounts and have replaced their faces with a kitten, naturally, because if there's anything Taylor Swift loves more than human best friends, it's cat ones. Test your skills and see if you can tell the two apart!

Is it Taylor Swift or Karlie Kloss?

1. Which of the two recently spent some time in Peru playing with horses?

Answer: K-K-K-Karlieeee Kloss!

2. Here is one of the BFFs out on the town en route to a gala.

ANSWER: Karlie Kloss! It was the one and only Kloss on her way to the Vogue Foundation Gala.

3. Here, one of the two lets the ocean breeze blow through her short, blonde locks.

ANSWER: Taylor Swift! Swifty herself strikes a model-y pose for her Instagram followers.

4. Which of the BFFs hung out in Las Vegas recently?

ANSWER: Taylor Swift! If you said Tay Swift, you were totes right.

5. Here’s a photo of one of the BFFs lounging in a gorgeous sun dress in NYC.

ANSWER: Karlie Kloss!

6. Which of the two posed with their new favorite sunglasses?

ANSWER: Karlie Kloss! It was the model entrepreneur with a pair of her Karlie x Warby Parker sunnies.

7. Who looked all dreamy against the sunset over the fourth of July?

ANSWER: Tay Swift, y'all.

8. Now, for your final challenge, I present you a tricky one. Both of the BFFs are pictured here, sandwiching Jaimie King. Can you tell who’s on the right and who’s on the left?

ANSWER: Taylor Swift on the left, Karlie Kloss on the right. After close inspection, an expert Swift-Kloss fan would know that Karlie Kloss is slightly taller than Taylor Swift and that Taylor Swift is a huge fan of the leg pop.

Thanks for playing! How’d you do?

Images: TaylorSwift/Instagram, KarlieKloss/Instagram