Hear This Duo's Next Single, If You Dare

Attention boy band fans of the 1980s and '90s: Your dream is a reality. The Jordan Knight and Nick Carter pop duo is here to stay. The two singers have released their second single together called "One More Time" as the group Nick & Knight. How ridiculously clever yet also confusing is that name? It's a perfect play off of their actual names, but also it makes me want to watch reruns of The Nanny . But the funniest thing about this news is that the song somehow sounds like there's about 10 other people singing with Nick and Jordan, who are supposed to be just a duo. And the single has a very familiar feel both in song style and lyrics. Think early One Direction, but with the lyrics of Nick and Jordan's old boy bands, Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block.

"One More Time" is a peppy upbeat song about a girl who is clearly making the biggest mistake of her like by thinking about breaking up with either Nick or Jordan. Or possibly two girls who are both breaking up with both of the guys? I don't know, it's confusing, but basically these two men believe there's no one better than them out there, and if this girl really wants to leave, they'd like to "get it one more time." Classy. Plus, there's a lot of oohing and ahhing in place of actual words.

This lyric concept is definitely not new for either man; Backstreet Boys songs are notoriously known for some rather confusing love lessons, while New Kids on the Block is familiar with the not writing a lot of words policy in their songs. It's definitely a song that would belong in their old boy band canons but really, haven't we moved past that? These are grown-ass men, they shouldn't be copying the same song patterns as groups that can actually classify themselves as boy bands. They really shouldn't be trying to sound like those early One Direction songs. But I will say one frustratingly positive thing about the single: It is really catchy.

Nick and Knight are going on tour later this year after they release their first album, which makes me wonder if they're going to just stick to their new material or dip back into some classics from their younger years. Oh well, you probably couldn't tell the difference anyway.

Images: nickandknight/Twitter