Noel Wells And Nasim Pedrad Are Leaving 'SNL' — What Will Next Season Look Like For The Rest Of The Women?

Three down, four left. NBC recently let go featured cast members Noel Wells, John Milhiser, and Brooks Wheelan from the new season of Saturday Night Live, and left the fates of fellow newbies Kyle Mooney, Mike O'Brien, Beck Bennett and Sasheer Zamata up in the air for now. The loss of Noel marks the second female cast member to leave the show as Nasim Pedrad has also heavily implied she won't be returning to the cast. What do these departures mean for the women of SNL? Well hopefully it will inspire Lorne Michaels and team to hire more women and give the women he already has on his roster more chances to truly shine.

The great thing about the women of SNL is that each has their own comedy style which appeal to different types of viewers. This includes Nasim Pedrad who had quite a few memorable characters and impersonations including her brilliant take on Ariana Huffington. Even Noel had some memorable moments throughout the season, despite not getting as much as screen time as some of her fellow featured cast members. Seriously though, that Lena Dunham impression was spot on. But the remaining women need to be stay for Season 40, which Lorne has already called his rebuilding year in order to not only give SNL some much needed cushion for the newbies that have to join but also to help the show find its tone after all the changes.

Saturday Night Live on YouTube

Last season the women got to do two really hilarious music videos including the one aptly-titled song "Dongs All Over The World" and another even funnier one "Do It In My Twin Bed." Now that the SNL writers know that these kinds of videos work, Season 40 should feature more material like this, where they women get to be in the forefront of the skits. They should also take advantage of the women's great comedy styles.


Kate McKinnon

Kate has an overall variety and expert celebrity impersonations like her Justin Bieber and her incredible take on German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Kate could easily elevate any scene that might need some help once more newbies come in.

Aidy Bryant

The self-deprecating humor Aidy brings to SNL brilliantly displayed in skits like "Best Friend's Talk Show". Plus she's just so damn likable! I dare you not to love her!

Cecily Strong

The Weekend Update co-anchor has some great characters herself like the second half of the "Best Friends Talk Show" duo and the "Girl You Wish You Hadn't Started a Conversation With at a Party". Though that one may be difficult now with Cecily killing it at the Update desk.

Sasheer Zamata

SNL's newest hire may have gotten the gig for sad and controversial reasons, but she was picked from probably hundreds of other African American women who are also funny. Sasheer already shown some great talent and potential with her Rihanna impression in particular as well as her Michelle Obama.

Vanessa Bayer

Vanessa might actually be my favorite cast members and is, like Kate, another key all-around star. Plus if we could see her and Cecily's former porn stars selling products every single episode, I would probably watch it. Also that Miley impression and the hundreds of hilarious roles she plays in every episode are always pretty much the best.

Saturday Night Live, you have some supremely talented women in your cast. You did well by hiring them. Now give them more chances to really shine.

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