'Married' Star Nat Faxon Is Weirdly Crushable & That's Totally OK

World, we're here to announce that it's definitely not weird to have a crush on Married star Nat Faxon. And it doesn't just have to be a "Oh, yeah, I've seen him in some stuff and he was pretty good" kind of thing. It can be in a full-on "Yeah, he's super funny, and I'm more than mildly attracted to him" kind of way. That's right — it's time to tell people how you really feel. Shout your pent-up emotions from your bedroom window with every ounce of Faxon-love you have stored inside you: "I love Nat Faxon! I love Nat Faxon! I love Nat Faxon!" Don't you feel better now? (I know I do.)

So why are people attracted to him? Well, it most likely has to do with the fact that he's wonderfully goofy. From playing Steve in Trophy Wife — rest in peace, you beautiful butterfly of a show — to starring as a titular character in Ben & Kate to making us laugh as Chef Leslie in Happy Endings, Faxon has more than proven that he's meant to be on our screens. Also, he's definitely a fantastic writer. Not only did he co-write The Descendants — remember those days before we knew the real Shailene Woodley? — but he also co-wrote The Way Way Back with his bestie, Community's Jim Rash.

Another reason we love him? His laugh-out-loud and highly-underused Twitter is amazing. However, when I got a chance to speak with Faxon and Judy Greer on a conference call about FX's new original comedy Married, a show about a married couple (duh) trying to figure out how life and love are supposed to work together, Faxon revealed that he thinks he needs to up his Twitter game.

"I need to improve my social media," says Faxon. "I will say that I’m not as on top of it as I should be. I try. Sometimes my neurosis gets in the way of my twittering or tweeting or however it’s said."

Ah, another reason to love Faxon: He's basically a confused dad trying to figure out the Internet. But, honestly, for a guy that thinks he's bad at social media, he's done pretty well for himself so far. Just check out some of his Tweeter, er, Twitter gems:

He loves Lionel Richie.

I can see it in your eyes. I can see it in your smile. You're all I've ever wanted. And my arms are open wide. 'Cause you know just what to say. And you know just what to do. And I want to tell you so much. I love you.

He knows how hangovers work.

A salad?

He's stumped by life's choices, too.

I hope he bought one of each.

He understands that people are confused by his teeth.

And then he explains the situation to them.

He accepts that most of his tweets come from Jim Rash.

But that's okay.

Like this retweet of a vine.

Scratch that — he tolerates Rash.

And finally, he uses Twitter like Google.

But don't we all?

Images: justanothercinemaniac/Tumblr