Kim Kardashian Misses Her "Skinny Days"

by Kaitlin Reilly

We've all had days where we don't feel particularly spectacular in our own skin and have gotten a little nostalgic for the time when we thought our body looked its best. Kim Kardashian is no exception to this rule, proving that even the Queen of the Selfie doesn't always love everything about her body. Unfortunately, Kim's latest body-related Instagram photo is more likely to induce eye-rolling than anything else. Kim posted a "throwback" to her "skinny days" on Instagram proving that the reality star needs a crash course in healthy body talk, stat.

Kim's Instagram photo features a photo of herself in a white dress looking slimmer than ever. The photo, which appears to have been Photoshopped when compared to the original photo, acts as Kim's "thinspiration" — next to her caption she writes #OnTheTreadmillRightNOW, indicating that she's getting back to work to work her way back to her skinnier-than-ever status. So not only has Kim possibly never even looked like the photo she posted, but she has exclusively posted it because she misses her tinier self.

The whole thing is pretty disappointing, and it's a shame that she felt the need to share this specific idea with her 16 million Instagram followers. First of all, have you seen Kim's body lately? Because it's still pretty amazing. But regardless of what Kim's body looks like — there's no rule for what you need to look like to be insecure — it's a shame that she felt the need to so narrowly define what kind of body fits the ideal.

For Kim to go on a very public platform and say, "Hey, my body isn't good enough because I'm not X pounds lighter or X sizes smaller" means that she's not only criticizing her own body, she's also criticizing others who maybe don't have "#SkinnyDays" to throwback to. For a woman who recently came out and stated that she wants to feel "sexy" and "show off" her body post-child birth, this photo is indicating anything but the body confidence that we've come to expect from Kim.

Here's hoping she doesn't post another throwback to her skinnier days anytime soon.

Images: kimkardashian/Instagram; Giphy