Jimmy Fallon Makes Cameron Diaz Kayak On 'Tonight Show' Because Yeah, She's Game — VIDEO

I always imagine that the people in the writers' room at The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon play the '90s Fruit Roll-Up commercial while they're writing: What fun will they roll up with next? The show produces the silly segment by the night, and Fallon's Tonight Show has ultimately become the Adventureland of late night television. Just look no further than this video of Cameron Diaz and Jimmy Fallon in a kayak race. Diaz, who was promoting her upcoming movie Sex Tape , is super game and has a grand old time.

You've got to wonder if this kayak race is just a ploy for Fallon so that he can deter Diaz from talking about vaginas, her favorite thing to talk about in the world, or if Fallon's writers were like, "IDEA LIGHTBULB JUST WENT OFF. Let's have a kayak race on land through the studio filled with lots of 1970s-era Elton John impersonators. Cameron Diaz will do it! She's a fun gal! She's candid! She'll like this!"

The silly segment is worth a watch — Fallon and Diaz have a great time, and there's even a random appearance made by Josh Gad (Frozen's Olaf!) — but it's also worth mentioning that you may very likely think you're high on some exotic late night television drug while you watch it. And pro tip: don't try a kayak-on-land race at home. There are some things that should stay on The Tonight Show.