'Sex Tape's Cameron Diaz Says Parents of Young Kids Will Relate to the Film, But How?

The candor of Cameron Diaz is absolutely everything. First, she eloquently declared having a menage with Drew Barrymore as the furthest thing from her bucket list, and now she's somehow found a way to say that her new movie Sex Tape can enlighten parents of young children. Hopefully, any parents of young kiddos will pause for a second before freaking out over the use of the words sex and young children in the same sentence, because Diaz's explanation for what they can take away from a film about a married couple misplacing their sex tape actually makes sense.

Other than the obvious lesson of how not to lose a sex tape, Diaz said Sex Tape teaches parents a thing or two about relating to their young kids. In particular, she recalled a scene in which her costar Giselle Eisenberg, who plays her daughter in the film, fires off a barrage of complicated questions like only a child can. Diaz then pointed out how being an adult removes the simple perspectives of childhood, which may make it difficult for parents of young children to relate to them. "And kids can really ask those questions that take you off guard as an adult, and you have to think about those moments like, right, you're a kid, you don't really understand what this is about."

Diaz also went on to say that this is what makes the film so relatable. "People who have kids are going to watch it and go, oh, my God, that's that kind of question my kids ask!"

If anything, Diaz sure has a unique way of looking at things, and perhaps some of her fellow costars wouldn't have thought to sell this movie as a way to enhance the relationship between parents and their young children. Since we can't buy time machines on eBay just yet, parents might as well watch a film that, according to Diaz, helps parents mentally revert to the past and view situations through the eyes of a child. On the surface, it sounds like a suggestion that might stir up a little controversy, but like with the questions about her sexuality, Diaz did a great job of clarifying her point. Her perspective may be quirky, but at least it's her own.