Honest Trailers' 'Breaking Bad' Parody Proves How Much White People Love This Show

Even the most ardent lovers of Breaking Bad are willing to poke fun at the beloved AMC hit series, which premieres its final season Sunday, Aug. 11. Season 1 is basically a seven-episode-long cough, Walt Jr.'s breakfast should get top billing over Walt Jr., himself, and so on, and so forth.

So it is with much love that we laugh along to Honest Trailers' parody of Breaking Bad. As their name suggests, Honest Trailers attempts to recap all of Breaking Bad's five (and-a-half) seasons honestly. Some of its observations are hilarious (its insistence that the series has helped all white people shut up about The Wire) while others are apt criticisms (every non-Walt villain on the series happens to be an angry Latino man). And others, we find ourselves wondering about more than who will kill Walter White. (Are we allowed to make fun of Walt Jr.? Is that okay?)

Still, the fact that Honest Trailers' parody is the second viral video in the past 24 hours that has failed to mention Mike Ehrmantraut and his overly complicated surname is leaving me so confused, I feel like Badger at a pizza party. Watch the trailer below (warning: spoilers abound!) and hope that come the end of Season 5, we'll still be talking about it as much as The Wire.

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Image: AMC