'Big Hero 6' Has 'Frozen' Easter Egg That Will Ignite Another Theory About Disney Universe — PHOTO

Frozen-philes will have a reason to go see Disney's new film Big Hero 6 when it hits theaters this November. If you've seen the trailer for Disney's very first animated adaptation of a Marvel comic, you may (or may not) have noticed something vaguely familiar behind the police officer in the scene — and it has ties to everyone's new favorite film, Frozen. Perez Hilton first pointed out the alleged Frozen "Easter Egg," and now that you know what it is, you may be kicking yourself for missing it.

If you stare closely at the upper right hand corner of the trailer at the 1:15 mark, you'll see a familiar face from Frozen on a "Wanted" poster. Who's the southern isles man the police are after? It's none other than Hans, the man who tricked Anna into thinking he was in love with her so that he could steal her kingdom.

Disney is fond of putting Easter Eggs — or throwbacks to other Disney films — in their animated work, so it's not surprising that a Frozen character makes a mini appearance. Rapunzel from Tangled made her own cameo in Frozen , which led the Internet to come up with the theory that the worlds of Tangled , The Little Mermaid , and Frozen all exist within the same universe.

Could Hans' photo in the police station mean that Big Hero 6 can also be tied into the single Disney universe? If you believe the theory, it's possible — though it would involve bending our beliefs about Frozen a bit. Could Hans be an immortal being, or a time traveler? (I cannot wait for the insane fan theory on that.)

Sure, it's possible, but I'm thinking that Disney was probably just winking at fans with this poster — not that a Hans spinoff about his time travels wouldn't be fun in its own right.

Here's a still of the Easter Egg:

Check out the trailer for Big Hero 6 below.

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Big Hero 6 hits theaters November 7, 2014.

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