Bethenny Frankel Wears Really Big Clothes After Wearing Really Small Clothes ‘Cause That’ll Show ‘Em! — PHOTO

Another day, another washed up former Real Housewife somehow finagling her way back into the spotlight. Granted, the Housewife in question, 43-year-old Bethenny Frankel, has actually made a relatively successful name for herself shilling low-cal booze from her Skinnygirl Cocktail line (you know, the kind middle aged women drink when they're feeling particularly bold at book club), but since her short-lived talk show crashed and burned earlier this year, she's been hanging out just beyond cultural relevance for a while now. Well, that all changed on July 13 when Frankle tried on her 4-year-old daughter's pajamas and Instagrammed the results, only to see all hell break loose on the Internet.

A simple snapshot of a mom wearing her kid's cutesy Hello Kitty pj's suddenly turned into an all-out barrage against Frankel for being "too skinny," "embarrassing," and promoting an unhealthy body image. Really, Internet? Sheesh. Frankel has been candid about her struggles with weight and body image in the past, as well as actively promoting her Skinnygirl products targeted at dieters (and aforementioned book clubbers), and had a very noticeable slim-down from her college days. Some wondered if the pic, captioned "This is my daughter's nightgown and PJ shorts. Think we're ready to start sharing clothes yet?" was a cry for help.

Frankel, having had the experience of scrapping with the cattiest housewives New York City has to offer, let the negative comments roll right off her back, tweeting out a message that perfectly captured how ridiculous the whole controversy had become.

To further prove her point, Frankel posted another Instagram on July 15 specifically for her h8ers. Take THAT, Instagram trolls.

Bravo, Bethenny (no pun intended). You may be annoying and your cocktails might taste like watered down lemonade and pee, but you're hilarious and you handled this perfectly. I think even Jill Zarin could agree.

Source: Bethenny Frankel/Instagram (2)