Amy Smart on 'Varsity Blues' 15 Years Later

One of the most popular and quintessential teen movies, Varsity Blues , turned 15 this year. While films and television shows about the lives of teens and the religion that is football have sprouted since, 1999's Varsity Blues was the original catalyst for the ultra-popular Friday Night Lights and more.

Varsity Blues centered around Bud Kilmer (Jon Voight) in his 35th year as West Canaan Coyotes head football coach, and his attempts to lead the team to their 23rd division title. When their star quarterback (Paul Walker) suffers an injury, an alternative (James Van Der Beek) is put into play who has an alternative way of approaching the game. More than football, the film explores the pressures of high school sports, budding romances and the transition from young adult to adulthood. One of the film's stars, Amy Smart, spoke to Bustle about a few of her favorite memories from filming the classic 15 years ago.

"It does and it doesn't seem like that long ago," Smart said of making the movie. "But 15 years is a long time."

When asked what her favorite part of making the teen drama was, Smart answered without hesitation. "Working with Ali," she said. "We were the only two girls on set and we're still best friends to this day."

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While the film was fairly male-centric, I wondered if Smart and her fellow female co-star, Ali Larter, endured much teasing from their male co-stars, Paul Walker and James Van Der Beek. "Teasing? Well... a little bit," she admits. "Nothing too bad."

Another part of the experience Smart is likely never to forget is the relationship she forged with her older co-star. "Jon Voight was a huge mentor," she said. "He was a guiding light for all of us."

You can catch Amy Smart in the familial drama, Among Ravens, out Friday.

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