Chris Brown & Drake's ESPY Skit Already Sounds Like Bad News

Turns out that photo of Drake and Chris Brown in the studio was only the first step in assuring the public that they're finally ready to pop bottles together instead of hurling them at one another. According to TMZ, Drake and Brown will perform a comedy skit together at the ESPYs. If this is true, then it's great news. Due to Drake's awesome SNL appearance, seeing him participate in another skit is definitely something to look forward to. Not only will this joint effort prove that Drake and Brown are taking their reconciliation seriously, but it could also provide a much-needed boost for Brown's image. Letting bygones be bygones is one thing, but it's quite another to actually conduct business in front of the entire world with a former enemy and someone with whom you share an ex-girlfriend. Therefore, if this skit is part of Brown's role in this truce with Drake, then the "Loyal" singer stands to benefit the most from this ESPY appearance.

The skit will supposedly take place in a law office, a locker room, and ultimately end in a dentist's office. Reportedly, Drake and Brown will be joined by NBA player Blake Griffin, who routinely exhibits his own comedic skills in those goofy Kia commercials. TMZ also reports there's a possible punchline involving Rihanna, but that makes me cringe. A lot. There's nothing funny about Brown and Rihanna's relationship. And judging by some of Rihanna's Twitter insults, I doubt Drake and Brown are ready to laugh about it, as well.Either way, their performance is sure to raise some eyebrows. As for this sudden and unexpected beginning of the most unlikely bromance ever? Watching it unfold has been quite entertaining, too.