Is This Really Happening?

This is one rap beef that really should consider starting back up. Although Drake and Chris Brown had their differences back in 2012 — by which I mean they got into a fight in a nightclub and blood was drawn — any doubts about the two of them burying the hatchet are going to be dispelled by this news. Apparently, Chris Brown and Drake were photographed in the studio together. As in Chris Brown and Drake might be collaborating on a song together. As in, Drake, why? Why, Drake? Why?

Ever since Chris Brown was released from jail in June, he has kicked his music career into overdrive. First, he was seen in the studio with Justin Bieber. Then, he released a single called "New Flame" to appease the members of Team Breezy who have been waiting for his next album to come out since the dawn of forever. Now, apparently, he's working on a song with Drake.

This is definitely a long way for Brown and Drake's relationship to have come in the last two years. After all, the last time the words "Chris Brown", "Drake", and "music" were being used in the same sentence, it was probably in reference to the freestyle Drake diss track that Chris Brown put out in 2012. Now, he and Drake are in the studio together for a collaboration that has the potential to either be very, very good or very, very bad.

The good thing is that Drake is involved and everything that Drake does is amazing, at least musically speaking. Everyone has a favorite Drake song. Everyone. People who claim that they don't are lying to you. After all, how can you hate the music of a man who has his own line of OVO lint rollers and his own Texas holiday? Unless you hate him for dating Rihanna when you couldn't, of course. In which case, we understand.

The bad thing is that Chris Brown is involved and nothing is going to guarantee Brown a hit like collaborating with Drake. I may not approve of Chris Brown's actions as a person, but his music is solid — even if his career should have taken a hit after all of the assault trials he's been through. Collaborating with Drake gives Brown a legitimacy that collaborating with the almost equally-deplorable Justin Bieber doesn't.

Basically, this collaboration is a smart move for Brown and a bad move for Drake, who has better things he could be doing with his time. Like going on tour with Lil' Wayne. Or trying to get Nicki Minaj to date him. Or trying to win Rihanna back. Or just plain being Drake, but as far away from Chris Brown as possible. Think of all the fans out there who will be angry at Drake for forcing them to buy a Chris Brown song just because Drake is featured on it. Think of the fans, Drake.

Image: elliotwilson/Instagram