Amal Alamuddin Works It in a Powdered Wig

Just because you're marrying George Clooney, doesn't mean there isn't an embarrassing photo of you lurking on the Internet. Amal Alamuddin's law school graduation photo recently made it's way to the black hole that is the world wide web, and saying it's awesome is the understatement of the year. Alamuddin, unsurprisingly, looks stunning in the pic and not really all that different from how she looks now, fourteen years later. But atop her head in the photo sits a powdered wig — yes, just like the one the original famous George wore.

Laha, a Beruit-based weekly publication, is who Alamuddin has to thanks for unearthing the photo from her graduation from Oxford, where it's tradition to wear the dark robe and wig. Although she's likely very busy with her career as a London-based human rights lawyer, and you know, planning a wedding to the world's most eligible bachelor, it's safe to assume Almuddin isn't thrilled this gem is now out there for all to see. In fact, maybe she should sue. Just kidding.

The silver-lining here is two-fold, though. For one, the fact that she still looks strikingly beautiful in a powdered wig is pretty damn impressive. And two, if this is the most "embarrassing" photo anyone could find of Alamuddin — a pic of her graduating from the most prestigious school in the world — it's nothing but up from here.

But still. Amazing.