Women's Magazines Cover Plan B News... Kind of (Kudos to Cosmo, Women's Health, and Marie Claire)

After a lengthy legal battle for greater Plan B availability, the delay in coverage from mainstream women's magazines came as a surprise Tuesday. We'd looked to post a nice roundup of how titles in the women's industry were handling this news sometime this morning, but could only find coverage from Cosmopolitan, who updated their site last night when the news broke. The mag's approach was, for such a supposedly open-minded magazine, a bit startling. Cosmo concluded their coverage with these odd words:

Sadly, this new law will not stop judgey pharmacists from giving you "the look"...you know the one. Sigh.

Beware the health professional who meets your reproductive health decision with the shifty eye.

When we finally saw some posts this afternoon, Marie Claire turned out to be the first celebratory voice with a post proclaiming:

The fight is over [...] Women's rights groups have a reason to celebrate.

And, bonus points to Marie Claire and Cosmo, which both made this front-page news.

Women's Health ran the most in-depth piece on the announcement, calling this "big news," and advising readers to stay alert:

So what’s the next step? Now, we’re waiting to see if Judge Korman accepts this new plan, or if he decides to push for complete OTC access for all emergency contraception—including the generics.

Check back soon for more updates on your access to the morning after pill.

Here's what some other women's magazines who didn't cover the decision as of this writing ran in their health sections today:

"One Reason We Eat the Whole Thing of Ice Cream When We're Depressed? We Can't Taste It!"

"The Best Weight-Loss Tool Ever"

"Superfood of the Week: Dark Chocolate"

"Find Out How Dirty Your Purse Is"

Image: Pexels