James Franco & Lana Del Rey Should Date & Be the Most Weirdly Creative Couple Ever

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Thanks to James Franco’s obsession with songstress Lana Del Rey’s “Ride” music video, which he shared on his Instagram, the pair have become inseparable friends. So rarely in life can ultimate fanboy-ing turn into true friendship, right? Right. Though while a Franco and Del Rey romance is just rumor, Franco’s Instagram account has some evidence that true relationship is blooming. Just look at the posts of him and Del Rey at the Rockaways and him and Del Ray posing with her sister after a perfomance of Of Mice and Men. A day trip to the beach and support of each other’s careers are both strong building blocks for any relationship. So why won’t they just date already? We want to see a brooding “Lames Del Frey or Jana Frel Renco” happen.

Fine. We can work on their celebrity portmanteau later. In the meantime, let's look at the evidence as to why they should get together, darn it.

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