There's More to Kroy Than 'Don't Be Tardy'

Ever since he first came into our lives on Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kim Zolciak’s husband and Don’t Be Tardy… costar Kroy Biermann has played second fiddle to his outspoken wife. But in Season 3, he'll be right there with Kim as they deal with their newborn twins and clash over parenting differences. The football player for the Atlanta Falcons is a big influence on his family, even if Kim is the one with the outsized personality. For example, their children's "K" names — Kroy Junior, Kash Kade, Kane, and Kaia — are his family's tradition, not Kim's idea.

Biermann injured his Achilles tendon at the beginning of the 2013 season and was unable to play, but the Atlanta Falcons have kept him on the team and he has been seen training for next season. So the whole family can keep rooting for their home team, which is always a cute highlight of the show.

Biermann's had a surprisingly long career in Atlanta. Many players get traded after just a few seasons, but he's been on the Falcons since they drafted him in 2008. The family has had enough moving drama to last a lifetime, so a trade would make for an insane Don't Be Tardy… season full of real estate agents, crying babies, and Kim's crazy demands for an extra bedroom to house her wigs. Is it wrong to be curious how this big Southern family would deal with moving to icy Buffalo or Green Bay?

As always, the most surprising thing about Biermann is his age. Even though he’s the level headed one in the marriage (as Kim would agree), he’s only 28! Most 20-somethings probably couldn't even imagine supporting six kids ranging in age from just 9 months to 17 years, but Biermann has taken it in stride. He’s an open-minded guy, one who was okay with dating a woman with two children, then went on to marry her, have four more kids, and adopt her daughters in just a couple of years. It was only 2010 when Biermann and Zolciak met at Sheree Whitfield's charity auction.

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Biermann will always be a big part of Don't Be Tardy… but he'll also be starring in another TV show starting this August. He’ll be appearing with the rest of the Atlanta Falcons on Hard Knocks , an HBO series that tracks different NFL teams and their five week training camp. Camp is the intense, all-day practices that determine which newly drafted players will make it onto the team.

While he’ll be obscured by pads and a helmet, Biermann will be training with the rest of the veterans alongside the new recruits, getting back into shape after recovering from his injury last year. Kroy is dedicated to both his family and his team, and has two TV shows to prove it. Say what you will about their antics, but you can't deny Kim picked a great guy to spend her life with.

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