MTV's Announcing VMA Nominees Through Snapchat To Make Us All Feel Ancient

Ohhhhh god. Oh god. MTV is announcing VMA nominees through snapchat. This is likely a direct attempt to make every single one of us over the age of 13 feel like we were born a thousand years ago and have seen too much. This attempt is working.

It's no secret that MTV gets its kicks from coming up with strategies to make the fortysomething network execs feel hipper than the twentysomething bloggers reporting on those strategies. It often works — just look at every VMAs that has ever happened.

This time these efforts involve snapchat, for some reason. Is it because the world so strongly desires to not only shorten the length of its news, but to only be able to receive that news in little ten-second segments that will dissolve after that time? Mashable's reporting that "the nominations will appear in eight 10-second Snapchat videos starting at 9 a.m ET on Thursday."

MTV has apparently been using snapchat for a while, which I only learned just now because I am the ancient age of 23.

MTV is also implying that other award shows will follow suit and mimic this style of getting the news out. I gotta say, though, that I'm having a hard time picturing the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announcing Meryl Streep's umpteenth Oscar nomination with a snap.

But like I said, I'm old.