Fried Chicken Oreos? Seriously?!

John Parra/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It’s become something of a global foodie pastime to dream up the weirdest flavored processed foods as possible. At first, I thought the new cappuccino-flavored Lay's potato chips would be the strangest new addition to the canon I saw today — but then I found this: Fried chicken Oreos.

You heard me. Fried. Chicken. Oreos.

No one seems to know whether they’re real or not; the trail right now seems to lead back to an Instagram user by the name of moorestyle10, who posted the image two days ago with the message, “Just saw this on FB… you must find these ASAP! I’ll let y’all try first… they might be a bit much for this Southern girl! Ha! #friedchickenoreos.” Cleveland’s local CBS News station posted it on its site not too long after it first appeared, and it all kind of spun out from there.

UPDATE: According to Eater, Oreo has confirmed that these monstrosities are, in fact, fake. "A fan who really liked the Fruit Punch flavor came up with the Fried Chicken OREO packaging photo as a sort of joke," said a representative. "It's clearly gotten some traction over the Internet, but the Fried Chicken OREO flavor is fake." Thank goodness for that, because, ew.

To be honest, I’m not totally sure how the logistics of a fried chicken Oreo would work, although I would be both fascinated and disgusted to find out. Is the cookie part flavored like breading, with the cream being the chicken? Does it kind of taste more like the waffles part of chicken and waffles, rather than actual chicken? Who the heck came up with the idea in the first, place regardless as to whether they actually exist? The questions are endless!

Some potentially bizarre-sounding (and as far as I know right now, non-existent) Oreo flavors, I’d gobble up in a heartbeat: Green tea Oreos? Gimme. Gingerbread Oreos? Sold. Banana Oreos? Bring it. But along with these whack-o chicken cookies, I can think of a wide variety of other Oreo flavors to which I would definitely say “no thank you,” if they ever come out on the market.

1. Sriracha Oreos

I love Sriracha, and I think Sriracha potato chips are the bee’s knees. I’d like to keep the stuff far, far away from my cookies, though.

2. Taco Oreos


3. Jell-O Salad Oreos

Because as we all know, Jell-O salad is disgusting.

4. Pizza Oreos

To which I can say only this:

5. Peanut Butter and Jelly Oreos

I’d be able to do peanut butter Oreos — those actually sound awesome. But generally, peanut butter and jelly flavoring tastes absolutely nothing like peanut butter and jelly itself, so… I’ll pass, even if Stewie is the one shilling it.

6. Skittles Oreos

Some sweets were never meant to mix.

7. Cheeseburger Oreos

This might actually be even grosser than fried chicken Oreos.

Anyone else?