Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17: Twitter Reacts to the Tragedy

We still know very little about what happened to Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 Thursday. We know that the airline lost contact with the plane over Ukraine airspace as it flew from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur on Thursday. We know that all 295 passengers aboard died in the crash. Early reports say that the plane was struck by a missile and that it may have been a terrorist attack, although these reports have been unconfirmed. We know it’s a horrible tragedy, one that will take a substantial amount of time to heal from, even if we do eventually figure out what went wrong.

We also know pretty much everyone has something to say about it. Twitter exploded with the news today, with users tweeting out everything from news articles to theories to extremely inappropriate jokes that definitely need to stop. Among those taking to the Internet to discuss the event are, of course, a great deal of public figures, from journalists to politicians to celebrities; here’s what they’ve been saying so far.

Most are expressing grief and solidarity:

Some are calling out all those tasteless Tweets full of jokes absolutely no one should be making right now:

Although there’s still an awful lot of stuff floating around out there. Seriously, guys. Now is not the time for tweets like this:

Many are urging people to use caution with regards to tweeting images:

As well as reminding people not to jump to conclusions, since we still lack so much information:

Some are critical of the way things are unfolding in the media:

More to come.