Linda Perry Questions Beyonce's Songwriting Claims

Songwriter and producer Linda Perry may have just roused the Beyhive from its slumber. According to All Hip Hop, while Perry promoted her upcoming show, VH1's Make or Break: The Linda Perry Project , she chimed in on why she believes "Beyonce and other popular artists" take liberties when it comes to claiming songwriting credits that aren't rightfully theirs.

A Reddit user posed this question about Beyonce's songwriting credits:

Linda, how do you feel about Beyonce changing one word on a song and getting writing credit. Does that bother you as a songwriter?

To which Perry responded:

Thats not songwriting but some of these artists believe if it wasnt for them your song would never get out there so they take a cut just because they are who they are. but everyone knows the real truth even Beyonce. She is talented but in a completely different way.

Although Perry's bluntness surely violated the Beygency rule that bans negative statements about Beyonce, it raises an interesting point. Artists should definitely give credit where its due, but if they were upfront about not having written a song, would fans really care?

My guess is no. Those who dedicate every waking moment to taking Beyonce down a peg likely relish in the fact that the singer didn't write some of her more famous hits like "Irreplaceable," especially because she implied that she did. Plus there's the fact that in 2002, Beyonce won the ASCAP Award for songwriting, making her the first black female artist to do so. But since Perry's probably the bazillionth person to question Beyonce's songwriting credits, yet the singer is still virtually worshipped by the masses, it stands to reason that her popularity isn't hinged on whether or not she owns up to penning hit songs.

But lyrics are a big deal, especially since everyone freaked out about Beyonce changing the words to "Resentment" during a performance, despite the fact that she already said the song isn't about her life. As a writer, it would totally suck to have someone steal my words and then not pay me for them. That said, Beyonce should most certainly acknowledge songwriters who contribute music to her catalogue. But as long as she continues to breathe life into these songs through impressive vocal performances, sold-out tours and videos that convince the masses that she truly is the woman behind her lyrics, a public declaration that she's not won't really matter to her fans.

Image: Tumblr