Jason Biggs' Joke About Malaysia Airlines Was Made Worse With His Reponse to the Backlash

Oof. You know when a celebrity says something ill-advised but not entirely apocalyptic on Twitter, and then half the Internet overreacts and jumps down their neck? That happened to Jason Biggs today in relation to Malaysia Airlines' tragic shooting-down over Ukraine. It wasn't great on either sides. What made everything so much worse, though, was Biggs' reaction to the incident. Let us hold him up today as the poster boy for how not to react when people on the Internet are mad at you. For one, try not to call your audience any derogatory name for the female anatomy.

First, let's relive the day. Malaysia Airlines suffered its second large-scale tragedy of the year when a Boeing 777 carrying 295 people crashed in eastern Ukraine, likely shot down as the result of ongoing conflicts there. Soon after the news started to circulate, Biggs took to Twitter, writing "anyone wanna buy my Malaysian Airlines frequent flier miles?"

This sparked an immediate, very offended response by some denizens of Twitter. Enough denizens on Twitter to seriously aggravate the Orange Is the New Black star. I've got to say, if he'd just stopped before these next tweets and not responded to the offense (and/or, you know, apologized), there's a chance this would have blown over with little fanfare. Alas.

This one I understand, to an extent: His initial joke wasn't exactly savory, but it wasn't exactly the epitome of shitty stuff said on the Internet, either. But he just had to keep talking.

Pro-tip: If you're feeling annoyed by riled people on the Internet, the best strategy is often to avoid calling them losers or pussies. It tends to just rile them further. Multiply this by a thousand if you happen to be even a little bit famous.

Take a nap and try again, Biggs — your real-life OITNB counterpart is beating you for likability this week.