These 'Witches' Have a Long, Difficult Road Ahead

by Keertana Sastry

Ah true love. It's just never easy for soulmates to actually find each other and stay together on television is it? Especially not on a show like the soapy, addictive Lifetime supernatural drama Witches of East End . And especially not for the show's one true love pairing, Freya Beauchamp and Killian Gardiner. At the end of Season 1, Freya decided not to marry fiancee Dash Gardiner when she realized that she loves Killian, who happens to be Dash's brother. Her father also told her that she and Killian are soulmates. Dash, in a rage, threw Killian onto a boat with his supernatural powers and pushed it out to sea.

So far in Season 2, Killian has found romance with a new witch Eva and seems to have lost his memories of Freya and Dash, but he did discover on Sunday's episode that he is in fact a witch himself. So what will happen with Killian and Freya? These two have to pair up eventually but at the moment things aren't looking great as Freya continues to search for Killian even though he may not know anything about his past with her.

First things first, Killian needs to come back home. And the best way to make this happen is for Freya to finally find him. At the moment, Killian is starting over and we're not sure how much he remembers from his time at East End. After discovering he is a witch, Killian wondered how he could have gone so long without realizing his powers. Does that mean he remembers more than he is letting on? Is he so willing to start over because he thinks Freya and Dash are married and therefore she is out of his reach?

When Freya eventually does find Killian, which feels inevitable and likely to happen soon, how will Killian react to the news that Freya has left Dash, if he remembers her at all? And how will he deal with having his old love back in his life just as he's begun a new romance? My theory is that Killian absolutely remembers being in love with Freya and the pain of having to walk away from her. Maybe he's living a new life swindling gamblers out of money and shacking it up with Eva because he believes he has to move on.

As much as Eva is an intriguing character, and as fun as it is to see Kendra from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Bianca Lawson) playing a witch, I'm in desperate need of some more Freya and Killian moments. Plus, I just don't trust Eva. She and Killian now know the witchy truth about one another and it seems to me that she has some kind of ulterior motives for saving and romancing him. Perhaps she's hoping Killian will succumb to dark magic as his brother seems to be doing more and more. And maybe with that dark power on her side, she can fulfill some kind of sinister plan.

No matter Eva's intentions, the most important thing now is for Freya and Killian to be reunited, at least geographically, and for her to find out about his powers. If Killian really has amnesia, Freya will obviously stop at nothing to find a way to help him regain his memories and control his powers. A witchy soulmate couple is just what we need back in East End right now, especially with sketchy brothers, snake-looking people, and Ingrid running out in the dark of night. Keeping Freya and Killian apart may frustrate fans, but Witches of East End is still so much fun.

Images: Lifetime; misstarlight18/Tumblr