Jason Biggs' Apology for the Malaysia Airlines Joke Comes Too Little Too Late

In a massive case of delayed reaction, Jason Biggs has finally issued an apology for the controversy that broke out around him on Thursday. Biggs came under fire when he made an ill-timed joke about Malaysia Airlines the same day a Malaysia Airlines flight was tragically shot down over Ukraine. The joke was mainly tasteless because of how ill-timed it was (mainly, but not entirely) but it was how Biggs chose to react to the backlash that really made a bad situation worse. His apology came hours too late when it should have been his initial response to begin with.

Soon after news of the downed flight began circulating, Biggs tweeted, "anyone wanna buy my Malaysian Airlines frequent flier miles?" People were offended that he could be so quick to find humor in a still-developing tragedy and attacked him, prompting Biggs to go on a Twitter rant in which he called his critics "assholes" and "pussies" and essentially refused to take any responsibility for his part in the controversy. While it's true that Biggs has no control over how people choose to react to his words and actions, it's also true that intentions don't matter when you've genuinely offended a wide group of people.

Thankfully, Biggs later seemed to realize it. Later that same day, he tweeted:

It may have taken a while, but at least Biggs finally seemed to understand that it is not up to him to dictate how people should take his jokes. However, his apology for the initial comment completely neglects to mention any equal apology for the way he responded to the backlash, which was just as bad, if not worse, than the innocently insensitive joke that precluded it. If Biggs is going to apologize, then he should apologize for his entire role in the controversy and that includes fanning the flames by reacting to criticism in the most insensitive way possible.