19-Year-Old Kanye West Rap Footage Proves That He's Always Known He Was Destined for Greatness — VIDEO

Say what you want about Kanye West as a person, but he's an undeniably talented artist. His problem has always been that he knows it a little too well. Between his multimillion dollar albums, his infamous marriage to Kim Kardashian, and his incredibly controversial on-stage rants, West seems to be the master of keeping the people talking. However, in this throwback video to West when he was 19 years old, we can see that his notorious ego comes from another source. West has been an amazing rapper since he was a teenager. After eighteen years, who's going to convince him differently?

The story behind the video that was emailed to Complex Music on Thursday isn't as interesting as the great verse West drops on the stage, but, according to the former general manager of Fat Beats where this video is set, West was a complete unknown in New York at the time. In fact, West made the trip from Chicago to New York in order to participate in the center for underground talent in August of 1996. That's right. While some of us were only six years old and trying to navigate first grade, West was proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was an up-and-comer that everyone needed to keep their eyes on.

The fact that West looks exactly like he does now, except tinier and with more hair, only makes the video that much better. Who knew that almost two decades later he'd be one of the biggest names in the hip-hop game and have a daughter named North West? From the familiar half-grin half-smirk on West's face as he performs, it feels like some part of him must have known even then.

Watch the video below.

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