The 'Sister Wives' Gym Was Totally Forgotten, So Don't Plan on Joining Fundamental Fitness

A jewelry line, real estate licenses, selling advertising — when it comes to the Brown family of TLC's Sister Wives , there is no career they have left untouched. And since the show took off, they've suddenly become a busy group of entrepreneurs, working hard to come up with whatever will be The Next Big Thing, inevitably launching them into a lifetime of riches. Unfortunately, the whole riches thing hasn't come to pass (unless you consider the paychecks from TLC, which I'd assume carry an appropriate number of zeros), but you can't blame the family for trying. And although they're trying hard to forge a path in the retail industry for Robyn's pet project, My Sisterwife's Closet, there's another business that's gotten lost in the shuffle: Their gym.

After Janelle started working out and realized the benefits to getting healthy, the matriarchs (and Kody) decided to open up a gym, which would eventually turn into a chain, creating their own fitness-themed success story. They had a good plan — their personal trainer was on board to help them with their dream, they were going to launch a fitness website to go along with the whole gym thing, and business plans were drawn up. It was supposed to be called Fundamental Fitness, and it was going to be great.

But then, it just never happened. Well, more like the entire family just stopped talking about it, like it was a thing that never existed. Which was kind of confusing, because the Browns aren't people who just let things go. They fought for their gorgeous, idyllic houses all crowded together in their cozy cul-de-sac, and eventually, they got them. With their determination to turn My Sisterwife's Closet into a profitable business, I wouldn't be surprised if they accomplished that, too. So where'd the gym go?

According to a commenter on a Baby Center community thread (so do with that what you will), Janelle told her in 2012 that the gym hasn't been entirely forgotten, it's just on the back burner. "She said it's been a long drawn out process that is taking longer than they hoped it would, but that it was still in the works," the source said. Robyn also reportedly talked about the gym in a Facebook chat that same year, and said they're struggling to find the right investor, but they haven't "given up the dream" just yet.

However, that seems to be the last time that anyone in the family has talked about the gym, so it may be a lost cause by now. But there is a little bit of good news left. If you're impressed by the progress Janelle has made in achieving her fitness goals and want to train like she does, you're in luck. My Sisterwife's Closet offers a digital download of a workout straight from her trainer at Lifespeed Fitness for $14.99, which is worth it if the video's any good and lets you get your fundamental fitness on.