The 'Sister Wives' Dabble in Weight Loss Products

TLC's original polygamist reality show Sister Wives is no stranger to highlighting the Brown family's weirder habits and various side jobs, like their strangely graffiti inspired jewelry collection, "My Sisterwife's Closet". But if you can't keep up with all of their personal goings on, the family's website is an excellent source for whatever they are currently promoting outside the show. If you visit the site now, you'll be treated to perhaps their most random side gig of all. Amidst links to speaking engagements and jewelry lines, you'll find a vague query that just says "Choose Your Green Drink." Click it, and you'll be taken to a new subsite, a Brown Family personal page on LIVonline.net, where they sell their latest obsession: supplements and nutritional beverages.

The website itself is oddly impersonal, loaded with glossy corporate content and very little of the Browns themselves, save for some family shots and testimonials from the wives. The lack of personalization occurs with good reason it seems. Digging into the products' distributor, LIV International, it becomes clear the company is a multi-level marketing business, in the vein of Herbalife. Starcasm reports on the Browns flirting with the company as early as 2011, during an episode where the wives were focused on getting healthier and losing weight.

Could this juice business come from Kody being skeevy? We all know he's a body shamer, like when he threw major shade at Christine during a televised interview. So, selling weight loss supplements that his wives also use definitely seems like it's in character. The wives' testimonials praise the various products' benefits, with Janelle claiming they helped her lose five inches off of her waistline. Christine doesn't mention weight or diet at all in her testimonial, instead focusing on her mood and relationship with her children.

There's no telling if the family will keep up with juicing for their personal life or if the venture will fizzle up. In 2012 Starcasm reported on some other Brown family fitness ventures, such as Janelle's weight loss blog and a new gym, both of whose websites are now defunct and not mentioned on the family's current site.

So the big question: How much does it cost to juice like a sister wife? According to LIV International's signup page, the full business starter kit will run you back $750 (though it's marked as a $1085 value). Which means if each of the family's adults get their own kit, it would total a whopping $3,750. To its credit, the Brown Family store doesn't currently sell kits, which means they aren't trying to rope their fans into re-selling products, but just selling a product they seem to enjoy. Plus, they offer a discount on all products, meaning if you were so inclined, you could grab a "Sxinney" mist spray for under $20, though Blox immune-boosting capsules will cost you about $45.