Walter White Went To Space

Do you think Jesse Pinkman ever got this high? Like, uh... 85,000 feet? Tvtag, a screening app that allows you to "tag along" with your friends as they watch television, launched a Walter White bobblehead into space, sending White to places he never went on Breaking Bad. According to Tvtag's YouTube page, the bobblehead, which ultimately endured a fate similar to Heisenberg (ie: he doesn't make it), traveled at over 95 mph, soaring through temperatures as low as -65 degrees Celsius. Damn. But what else would you expect? It's Heisenberg!

The people at Tvtag had fans, who they describe as "Earth-folk," vote on which popular television character they'd like to see get launched into space. White won the vote, thereby becoming Tvtag's first bobblehead space ambassador.

In case you're wondering where Heisenberg wound up after his six hour flight that took him over 250 miles, it's Wyoming. And according the video, he turned into a bobblehead after going into space. Aha! So Heisenberg does indeed live! Talk about Breaking Bad: Alternate Endings.

You can check out the video of the whole launch and space mission below. Tvtag pulled off a really cool experiment, and it's also neat seeing White sojourn through the stars. Say his name, NASA.

Image: tvtag/Youtube