Kathy Wakile Will Return to 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Season 6, Just Not Very Often

During her two-season stint on Bravo's Real Housewives of New Jersey, Kathy Wakile did the unthinkable: she came; she was pleasant, she didn't assault a single person, and she left. Why did she leave? Why does every voice of reason always leave??? Well, perhaps because they're reasonable people and two seasons of organized chaos is enough for them. But unlike other Season 6 dropouts Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita, who have left for good (with the former working on her own solo Bravo series), Kathy will still be appearing on RHONJ from time to time. Though she wasn't in the premiere or informing us, “We’re old school. We believe in respect,” in the opening credits of Season 6, Kathy told E! that she'll still be a part of the show, but needed "the opportunity to film the show in a way which better suits my lifestyle."

So now that we know we can still count on Kathy to pop up at a party or two and calm everyone down, what else is she taking up her time with? Oh, Kathy's got plans...big plans!

Making Cannolis

I have always supported Kathy's highly logical belief that "you should indulge in desserts," and hopefully the culinary world will too. Kathy finally has her line of ready-made desserts (aka, That Cannoli Business) up and running from its humble RHONJ McMansion kitchen beginnings. Dolci Della Dea is here to service all of your cannoli kits, platters, specialty desserts and — this just in! — gluten-free needs.

Kathy has been working on production to get her line in more retail and foodservice stores, in addition to being available on her website. Good for her for taking the time she needs to be a businesswoman. I say she should take a trip over to Shark Tank while she's at it.

Writing A Book

But just in case you don't have $39.99 for a cannoli kit, Kathy has also been working on a dessert cook book. Indulge is available for pre-order now, and will be published on Sept. 2. Kathy is taking her famous Italian recipes outside of New Jersey and to the masses, spreading the joy of "delicious little desserts that keep life real sweet."

I'm not one for Real Housewives merch, but this cook book might actually have a very necessary place in my sadly non-Italian life

Focusing on Family

Kathy also told E!, "The most important thing is being happy, healthy and pursuing your dreams, which I have to say is something I get to experience everyday." She is in the process of focusing on health right now, as the Wakile's daughter, Victoria, was diagnosed with another brain tumor in April, after battling her first life-threatening tumor 10 years ago at age 10. Kathy told OK! that Victoria chose to go to nursing school, where she was studying when she discovered the second tumor, because of the excellent care she received from her nurses as a child.

And it looks like Victoria was in excellent hands and is on the road to recovery, yet again! While Kathy is keeping her focus on family right now, we can still hope the Wakile's might swing over to at least one RHONJ party. The season just won't be complete without Rosie.

Images: hollywood.com; A mazon ; officialkathywakile/Instagram; allaboutthetea.com