A Dramatic "Single Ladies" Reading Is the Best

The catchy hook, "If you like it then you should have put a ring on it," is going to take on a whole new meaning for you soon, and you'll never hear "Oh, oh, oh" the same way ever again. Ladies, The Beyoncelogues are back, and this time, we have a dramatic performance of "Single Ladies." The results are fantastic, and Nina Millin, under the directorial finesse of Sara Schaefer, reels with anguish as she recites Beyonce's empowering lyrics. With her total conviction as she flips off a man for not putting a ring on it, and her righteous, powerful declaration that she's out in her Dereon jeans, Millin is committed, and thereby, totally hilarious.

Not only does this web series prove that Millin is absolutely the best, it also shows us that Beyoncé's lyrics are pretty damn powerful. When the words are stripped of Beyoncé's riffs and high notes, and the song isn't draped in Queen B's signature fierce performance style, we inadvertently end up listening to what the song is actually saying. So, yes, The Beyoncelogues are funny, and you'll laugh out loud, but you may also find yourself tipping your hat to Queen B.

Enjoy! But be warned: You'll probably never listen to the song the same way again. Who knew being out in the club with your girls could come from a place of so much anguish!

Image: Little Bo Bo/Youtube