5 Reasons 'Big Brother' Jocasta Needs to Stay in the House

Look out! Big Brother 16 spoilers ahead: It's official: Jocasta Odom has been nominated for eviction from the Big Brother house, and it's sad to see that she may be going home soon. Her bow tie collection is on a whole other Janelle Monae kind of level, her facial expressions can't be rivaled, she's a Certified Spiritual Life Coach, and it's not everyday you come across someone with those three, well, unique qualities. Though Jocasta's been called a Big Brother house guest to look out for, alas, her time in the house might be cut short and it seems some things might not be meant to be. Though it isn't clear from her Facebook page what, exactly, a Certified Spiritual Lifecoach is, I'd hire her to dress me in clever bow tie-accented outfits any day.

Big Brother won't be the same without Jocasta's sweet, bubbly personality, but if she's going to go home, she'll live on in our hearts and in, of course, GIFs. Though some people might feel that she has long given up on playing the game, and that it was time for her to go, she's been, by far, one of the the most likable house guests this season. Here are five undeniable, 100 percent certified true facts about Jocasta that make me sad she's up for eviction.

She wears bow ties with every outfit:

You could almost say she wears them "religiously". WOMP WOMP.

She has a great sense of style:


She's a no-nonsense kind of woman:

Don't let her sweet exterior fool you.

She has an amazing sense of humor:

And she's not afraid to put it out there.

Her facial expressions are the stuff of legend:

Pure. Gold. Stay strong, Jocasta!

Images: CBS (6); shai122/Tumblr; Jocasta Odom/Twitter (2)