Halle Berry's 'Catwoman' & 7 More of The Worst Superheroes Ever

There isn't a day that goes by where I don't long for a superhero power to make life so much easier. With the ability to fly like Superman, there would be no need for gas money or driving in rush-hour traffic and crappy weather. Awkward elevator rides would become a thing of the past thanks to me being able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. And with superhuman strength, I'd officially crown myself the queen of badassness because who gon' check me, boo? After all, those are the same qualities that earned numerous superheroes widespread respect and mass idolization. Unfortunately, that same adoration isn't extended to the lames amongst the movie superhero set, in particular Halle Berry's Catwoman.

Sure, the film made Berry out to be some purring purveyor of payback, but let's be honest—absolutely no one was feeling Catwoman, not even Berry herself. However, she took all of the backlash in stride, even showing up to accept a Razzie Award for her role in a film that, in her words, was a "piece-of-shit, god-awful movie."

Although achieving and maintaining a Halle Berry-like figure should totally be considered a super power, neither that or Berry's black latex costume were enough to save Catwoman from being labeled as one of the worst superhero films ever. Sadly, Catwoman's not the only one to fall way short of those sky-high superhero standards.

Here are 7 more of the worst movie superheroes:


Hancock's superpowers were overshadowed by his reputation as a scruffy, disgruntled drunk dude with too much time (and strength) on his hands--until he rescued a PR spokesperson who revamped the troubled man's image. Flying while drunk? Uh, no.


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Um, I had no idea this film even existed and after researching it, I was definitely better off not knowing about it. Somehow a film based on a Dark Horse comic book incorporates a Casablanca-related plot and Pamela Anderson dancing topless in, wait for it—a strip club. In post-apocalyptic America. Oh, and she also moonlights as a bounty hunter. And a mercenary. I'll stop there for fear of highlighting more reasons why Barb Wire couldn't be further from a classic superhero.



A chance encounter with a meteorite left a high school teacher with the ability to read and comprehend any book, but after a mere 15 minutes, his power goes kaput. Oh, and his flying doesn't serve him well until he gets past his fear of heights. Meteor Man set out to rid the neighborhood of golden-haired gangsters, but ultimately, he came off more like the class clown.


In no way does this take away from how much I adore Seth Rogen, but c'mon—The Green Hornet doesn't have any real superpowers. Sure, he fights crime, but his guy-next-doorness immediately brings him back down to Earth, instead of soaring in the stratosphere with the other major superheroes.


Oof...people continue to reel from the disaster that was 2011's The Green Lantern. Ryan Reynolds played the supehero who relies on a rechargeable ring for his power when there are evil forces threatening the well-being of mankind. I'll just stick to dialing 911.


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Apparently, Jennifer Garner hated this film as much as the public did. It's great seeing a woman get some shine for her ability to kick ass and take names, but this movie didn't do much to convince audiences that the only thing super about Elektra were her outfits and knives.


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You know you're a lame superhero when your creators decide to kill you off, and Christopher Reeve, the classic Superman, wants no part of the film. This is exactly what happened to Supergirl, cousin of Superman. In the 1984 film, actress Helen Slater played the role of the young superheroine, who against her parent's wishes, set out to save a city and finds herself battling an evil witch. Supergirl may have won the battle, but she definitely lost the war.