There Has to More to Their Feud Than a Baby Shower

Ladies of London demonstrates that fighting is the universal language of reality television. It doesn't matter if you're a Brit or an American — when the cameras turn on, you're going to find someone to have beef with. The show has already had its fair share of rivalries: Annabelle and Juliet, Marissa and Juliet, pretty much anyone with Juliet. But, as the season finale of Ladies of London approaches, airing Monday at 10 p.m. on Bravo, the focus has shifted to the feud between Caroline Stanbury and Caprice Bourret.

Caroline, a British stylist and founder of a luxury gift-giving service, and Caprice, an American expat and ex-model/lingerie designer, have been friends for quite a while, knowing each other before the debut of the show. Now, they're snubbing each other's dinner parties and forcing friends to choose sides. How did these two supposed friends get to this point? And what, exactly, are they feuding about?

Could it really have started with a baby shower? In the show, Caprice is expecting two babies: she hired a surrogate to carry her child, then found out she was pregnant herself. It's a unique entry into motherhood, that's for sure, and worthy of some kind of celebration.

Caroline offered to throw Caprice a baby shower, but Caprice turned her down, saying her house (in Surrey) is too far for guests to travel. Caroline took umbrage at the refusal, especially when she found out that Marissa and Noelle were planning a celebration for Caprice at one of Marissa's husband's restaurants in London.

That might be the reason on the surface, but it seems like a petty reason for a friendship-ending fight, even by reality TV standards. At least, that's what some of the other Ladies, who have bigger problems to deal with, might think.

So, what really gives? It's possible that Caprice is really sore over Caroline's relationships with some of the other Ladies of London cast members. It's clear that some of the newer arrivals to the London scene, especially Juliet, look up to Caroline. (Maybe "looks up to" is an understatement. Caroline did call them her "minions" at least once.)

Caprice could be straight-up jealous, and use the baby shower as a way of getting back at Caroline. Note to Caprice: If someone who gives gifts for a living wants to throw you a party where you'll receive gifts, maybe it's better to swallow your pride and say yes!

All of this takes the worst toll on poor Noelle, who keeps having her loyalty tested on both sides. The show may be Ladies of London, but it feels eerily similar to Ladies of My Middle School Cafeteria.

Perhaps the season finale will give everyone an opportunity to clear the air, hug it out, and leave everything on a high note — but I wouldn't bet on it. Caprice has mentioned that the cast of the show has not become one, big, happy family since the first season wrapped. "There's even more drama now than there was on the TV show," she told SheKnows. "It doesn't stop...In a Season 2, it's definitely going to be amplified for us because we all know each other now, and we're very, very different personalities all of us."

If Bravo decides to gift fans with a Season 2, at least we'll have something to look forward to.

Image: Laurence Cendrowicz/Bravo