Lorde's Latest Interview Is Witty, Ballsy, & Very Lorde

Lorde said she'd never be royal right off the bat. But now, almost a year into the fame her launching single brought her, she's seeming more royal than not. At least, that's the impression I'm getting from the interview Lorde recently did with The Guardian's Peter Robinson. She's either proving she's got what it takes to continue to be a notable musical personality, or that she's the boss, or both. It's probably both.

Robinson's profile of Lorde is full of great moments, from his description of the interview as potentially hellish but kind of glorious, to little side bits like Lorde eating fried chicken and being really psyched about getting an email from Miranda July. She also pulls that thing ballsy celebrities like to do now and again, where she just ignores the stock journo questions until her interviewer comes up with something more interesting. The results are pretty great.

Here are some of my favorite Lorde quotes from her interview:

On trying out virtual-reality technology Oculus Rift:

It’s like being in someone’s filth. But on a pure level it’s nice. Kind of like communism.

On Kanye West, who declared himself a fan of hers last year:

[He's] like my school principal, if the school is pop.

On her early representation as a pop critic and whose opinions she values most:

At the beginning, because I’m really interested in pop and pop culture and how things work and why something’s successful, I was just wanting to have a discussion about pop while forgetting that I was actually in it. Having the world weighing in on you from all sorts of different perspectives is intense, but the criticism I listen to most is what comes from people the same age as me; they’re the only people I care about liking my music. One consistent thing is that if I like something and nobody likes it, I still like it. If I don’t like something and everyone loves it, I still hate it.

That last answer's the deepest, but my fave is definitely her little communism reference.

You can (and should!) read the rest of the interview over at The Guardian . She'll tell you her favorite Facebook page if you do. Hint: It involves a French monarch.